IGTV of the week: One jacket, four different styles

E IGTV of the week was about one of the darlings of the moment: the jacket!

One of the most representative pieces in the 2019 Fashion Weeks, but also one of the most frowned upon in terms of passing the idea of “being in fashion”, not usually being the favorite of the choices out there.


But in this video I show how easy it is to wear the jacket in any look, always remembering the rule that regardless of the jacket, it must match what you have in your wardrobe!

🇧🇷👇🏻When you have a piece that totally agrees with your closet!Quando você tem uma peça que se encaixa com seu guarda-roupa perfeitamente!Jacket / jaqueta : Miss SelfridgePieces from: New LookPrimarkDress toZARA@dumond@antonella

Posted by TPM Interrompida on Friday, March 1, 2019



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